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Snowshoe said:
Does anyone have a home-made jig for cutting small diameter circles? (Smaller than the diameter of the base itself).

I have a couple trammels built from ShopNotes plans, but none of them have provisions for very small circles.

I have plans for a really cool one..... Since it is out of a book I can not post the plans here.

It will cut down to as small as 1" and as large as 7" (or more if you want). It is a sub base made out of plastic with a slot for the bit (1/4"+) and slots for two mounting screws to attach it to the router. You can set the dia of the cut to anywhere in the range. You do need to put a "pin" in the workpiece for the center..... Since you are all sharp people anyone here that wants to make one take a look at the sketch and figure out your sizes and enjoy. The view is from the bottom, the hole is for the "pin", the two matching slots are for the mount screws (flat heads). This of course may not work on your router..... and yes it is for a plunge router.



1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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