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Small Shaker Chair

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Anyone have a plan/guide for making a Shaker chair? I need to make one for a doll my wife just made for our grand-daughter. The seat would need to be around nine inches off the floor but I'd be happy to reduce a full scale plan if available.
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Hi Geordie

You may want to check out the two links out,see below

Shaker type Desk and chair, for children.

Bj :)
Thanks BJ. From one of the sites it looks like the hard part is going to be weaving the seat on a small scale version. That might be a job for SWMBO and I'll restrict myself to the woodwork side of things.

You can send off for this neat book but it's NOT free. :)

In The Shaker Style

Bj :)
thanks again BJ. Just checked out the book and it's a job for Thanks also for the tips & jigs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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