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Smallest radius roundover bit?

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I want to round edges of 3/16" thick baltic birch. This would mean finding a 3/32" radius roundover bit. This will also need a super small bearing OR a thicker pieces to guide it with cut to fit. A guide piece to use over and over is not a problem. But I still need the crazy-small radius.

This is for results that have far too many edges to do by hand (100s of inches per finished product).

Is there any way to devise a table router that could work here? Might require a jig, there might be such a product out there (though I've tried to search), or it might just be impossible.

Chamfering both sides and then milling off the sharp end could work but that's three operations instead of two and wouldn't feel right.
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I have a Dremel with a pretty small round over bit. Not sure of it's size but it's tiny. It doesn't have a bearing but with a straight edge and a jig to maintain balance and depth it might work.

Another alternative is a an edge plane with a custom blade. I think there have been posts on the Forum about that a while ago. You can search the archives.
You may want to check with a Luthier builders supply company for just such a plane. I vaguely remember a guitar maker using one on YouTube.
Why do you need the bearing at clearance router fence, or as close as yoj can notch that major diameter, let the fence deal with it. You can keep the bearing on the bit, notch in the fence needs to be taller. But won't effect the results
I built a router table for my large 3/16" arbor Dremel Trio router. And have used 1/8 RO bits. But the company no longer supports this tool.
The new standard 1/8" arbor Dremel tool can be used on their own router table. I have seen 1/8" RO bits on the web.
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