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Smallest radius roundover bit?

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I want to round edges of 3/16" thick baltic birch. This would mean finding a 3/32" radius roundover bit. This will also need a super small bearing OR a thicker pieces to guide it with cut to fit. A guide piece to use over and over is not a problem. But I still need the crazy-small radius.

This is for results that have far too many edges to do by hand (100s of inches per finished product).

Is there any way to devise a table router that could work here? Might require a jig, there might be such a product out there (though I've tried to search), or it might just be impossible.

Chamfering both sides and then milling off the sharp end could work but that's three operations instead of two and wouldn't feel right.
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I'm a mechanical engineer, turned woodworker, machine design and automation, specifically. If this is something you'd like to discuss for a production environment, I'd be happy give my opinion. And if you need something designed and built we can talk about that after we nail down your actual requirement. The router bit isn't a big deal, Kowood makes very small metric radius, really nice carbide bits. Check them out on Amazon, you won't be disappointed. The other thing is, it is not over the top expensive to have a custom radius bit made, or several (definitely cheaper by the dozen in the machine tool world). Bearings are available in any size you want, and custom grinding is available. A huge part of woodworking is figuring stuff out, most of the time fixing a 'F' up! But its much like when I was an engineer, you put the pieces together to create. Any thing you want to do, you can! You just need to learn how. I'll be happy to answer any questions.....
Pretty sure you won't have enough material left for the second side to guide a bearing. I think that you would have to guide the baseplate of the router for hand routing or use a table. Either way you wouldn't need a bearing bit although it could have one. I wonder if you have an ogee bit where part of its profile will have that radius. Me (being a cheap guy) would look through my bits first and test it on a scrap.
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Why do you need the bearing at clearance router fence, or as close as yoj can notch that major diameter, let the fence deal with it. You can keep the bearing on the bit, notch in the fence needs to be taller. But won't effect the results
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