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Smooth Lines and Consistency Help

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Just started a coupe of weeks ago. Using the walnut hallow burner on birch with the cone attachment. I sand beforehand and go slow.
-I’m still getting glitchy results and have to go over it several times which means it looks spotty. I need tips for smoother lines. (Sand more? Use different head?)
-I feel like the burner is hot and then not. Is that possible that it is fluctuating in temp even though it has a temperature control?


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Have you thought about contacting the manufacturer?
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If it has screw-on tips it might be that they are loosening a little bit when the unit gets hot. I had one that you had to heat the tip up then tighten it again before you got a consistent burn. When changing tips you had to do the same thing.

It could also be the fluctuation of the heating element trying to hold the heat setting. This might level out with time but might be an ongoing problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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