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ShaneB said:
I have my router table fence set up to act as a jointer, but am having trouble with snipe at the end of the work piece. I have read that it may be due to my cutter blade not being aligned with the outfeed fence properly. Does anyone have any insigt into what my problem may be and how to fix it?
Hello Shane,

I use my router table all of the time as a edge jointer and find that I some times have to move the fence in or out in a very small adjustment when I get a little snipe at the end of the cut. Somtimes I can set my fence at just the right spot and other times I have to make the little adjustments.

Another thing that i found that helps is keeping pressure against the out feed side. A little practice helps. The first time I reversed my fence for jointing I went through several pieces of wood getting it right. I also use a long 1/2" straight bit because I sometimes will joint upto 1.5" boards. Using finger hold downs also helps in keeping the proper pressure.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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