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That motor that you pictured is a small DC motor at best suited to RC model cars and boats, definitely not something to class as a spindle. Obvious issues include way to small shaft, as witnessed by how much larger the collet section is compared to the actual shaft, bushed motor instead of proper bearings, plastic rear housing, no secure mounting features etc. Sorry, but you fell for the nasty chinaman trick of leading the Caucasian to think something is real because it looks close in a pic and they are too far away for it to be worthwhile sending back.

Stepping a machine up from a laser engraver to router would be very hard as the engraver transport would be relatively lightweight and lack the rigidity to handle the actual cutting forces imposed by a spindle and bit being fed through material. Stepping down from router to laser potentially would be easier as the loads placed on the transport would be much lighter, but the overall precision may not be there, given that the laser beam should be way finer than positioning accuracy achievable by the transport.

Personally, if a machine was touted as doing both jobs, I wouldn't buy it because they need totally different transport characteristics and would not be great in either role. Just my thoughts.
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