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soft start/variable speed table setup

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greetings all... here is my situation: I've built a custom router table, invested in top of the line accessories blah, blah, blah.. but as of yet, still have not purchased a router. I would idealy want to have remote control (outside of the router box portion of the cabinet) of router motor speed. Right now, the only production router i can find that allows for this is the Milwaukee 5625 sold as a package with remote varialble speed control. This package has reviewed very well and certainly isn't a bad consideration, however, I'd like to know of any other options. From what I've read, the big PC's and Milwaukee's with soft start and VS will not allow for a 'remote' motor speed controller. I've read through the forum and could not find anything that answered my questions, so i figure go straight to the experts..thanks in advance for any assistance...
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With all of those controls ----special fence, special lift-- what do you intend to do? If it is to make lots of joints, then it makes sense. For edge work, some of it might be excessive.
People on forums debate the advantages of a Shaper instead of a router. It sounds like your investment would currently match the cost of a shaper (including the tooling).

For my shop made router table, I bought a 2.15hp Milwaukee. No lift. Height adjustment is above the table. For Dados only, I use a Festool router and their MFT table -- this avoids the hazards of a Dado blade on a tablesaw. For joints, I use a WoodRat mounting a DeWalt 625.

My router investment for the table was $150. Period. Used only for edge work.

gary curtis
Soft start offers an advantage primarily to hand-held routers. Not having it means that the machine will jump out of control every time you hit the on/off switch to the ON position. Variable speed keeps the cutting tips from going 'super-sonic'. Thus preventing overheating the carbide tip and burning the wood.

Also allows speed adjustments to match the wood hardness.

gary curtis
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