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soft start/variable speed table setup

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greetings all... here is my situation: I've built a custom router table, invested in top of the line accessories blah, blah, blah.. but as of yet, still have not purchased a router. I would idealy want to have remote control (outside of the router box portion of the cabinet) of router motor speed. Right now, the only production router i can find that allows for this is the Milwaukee 5625 sold as a package with remote varialble speed control. This package has reviewed very well and certainly isn't a bad consideration, however, I'd like to know of any other options. From what I've read, the big PC's and Milwaukee's with soft start and VS will not allow for a 'remote' motor speed controller. I've read through the forum and could not find anything that answered my questions, so i figure go straight to the experts..thanks in advance for any assistance...
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HI Bill

It sounds like you are going over the deep end just a little bit,,you can pull the control device off the router and mount it in a remote box if you want to..

Or just buy a older router that doesn't come with a VS device built in and just pickup a remote device...(20 amp.type) it will not have the soft start but almost,but you can turn it off or on from the remote box control and control the speed from the remote box..the one that comes to mind is the 3 1/4hp PC.


ok guys, here is the short story.. quite honestly, the table I've built is way beyond what I need. or probably will ever need for that matter. But dang, its cool. 27 x 49 x 1 3/8" tabletop with an Incra LS fence, wonderfence, Incra rails and mounting base (yes, attached to the router table for quick and easy relocation/removal of the fence) The cabinet itself is 41 x 27. The Cabinet mounts as an addition/extension to my cabinet saw. Will purchase a woodpecker PR2 lift as soon as I decide on the router. I already have a digital height readout mounted on the control side as well as a deadman switch. I've ordered a Jessem Mit-r-slide which I will adapt to my fence assemblies via machined aluminum stock if necessary. not to mention just way to many dooo dads and thingamabobs.. *L*.. You dont' even want the long version, trust me.. anyways, back to the question at hand.. I guess the answer is just cuz, easy access and control of router speed etc.

OH, did i mention, it just looks cool?
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