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New here and wasn't able to find anything related to my problem. I got a solid finger joint bit.

I run the edge starting from it's left side to it's right. Now when I assemble the workpieces one side will fit Ok but the other not so much. It's like if the bit cuts gradually bigger fingers as you move the workpieces (maybe only 1/16 inch but enough to cause problem). I assume that something must be off on the router table but can't seem to figure what or maybe i'ts the bit itself?? keep in mind that this is a 30$ bit.

Anyone had a similar problemn or could point me the problem.

(sorry for my English)

Your English is very good. Seems if your jig is not quite right it will gain width as you cut. Sometimes only few thousandths on the first cut next double that and so on til the end one is X times larger than the first.
What kind of jig are you using and is the bushing on the router the right size/or are you on a router table and using a box joint jig?
You might try turning one piece over when you assemble them and see if it is tighter, that will tell you if it is your jig.
Also you might measure the bit with a digital Caliper to see if it is the correct dia. I have found that some manufacturers call a .245" bit a 1/4" bit. Also check to see that you are not mixing metric and/or imperial inch bits or bushings.
Just some suggestions,
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