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Someone else's machine with my Files?

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I've learned enough about CNC Routing to know that my business theoretically could make great use of a CNC Router and approximating what type of machine I would want.

But I'm just a bit worried that I'll go through the trouble of getting a machine and learning to use it and then finding that it's not quite producing what I'd hoped it would produce. That would be a big bummer!

I've looked around a bit for CNC routing businesses, but I haven't found one that has a machine with a 4th axis set up.

So my question is.... Is there someone on this forum that would be willing to work with me to produce a few pieces with their machine so I can see what the results would be? I'd would pay for the services of course. And, with a bit of a point in the right direction for what software to use, I would produce the files.

This would be bagpipe parts, but small ones. Things with a round profile that range from 4-14 inches long. And from as little as 3/8" (for part of the length) to 7/8" in diameter.

Thoughts or suggestions?
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You should link a picture of what you want to make.
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