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Someone else's machine with my Files?

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I've learned enough about CNC Routing to know that my business theoretically could make great use of a CNC Router and approximating what type of machine I would want.

But I'm just a bit worried that I'll go through the trouble of getting a machine and learning to use it and then finding that it's not quite producing what I'd hoped it would produce. That would be a big bummer!

I've looked around a bit for CNC routing businesses, but I haven't found one that has a machine with a 4th axis set up.

So my question is.... Is there someone on this forum that would be willing to work with me to produce a few pieces with their machine so I can see what the results would be? I'd would pay for the services of course. And, with a bit of a point in the right direction for what software to use, I would produce the files.

This would be bagpipe parts, but small ones. Things with a round profile that range from 4-14 inches long. And from as little as 3/8" (for part of the length) to 7/8" in diameter.

Thoughts or suggestions?
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Nate I do have a question about how the holes will be made that run from end to end of the pieces. Will these be bored will long drills before the parts are turned? Those holes can't be done on the standard CNC but the parts could be two-sided and the holes milled into the parts before they are assembled. This might be a problem with the tone the part will produce.

If they are drilled end to end first then it should be possible to carve them with a rotary axis. The design files would have to be made so that gcode files can be produced from them. Programs like Vectric's Aspire or AutoDesk Fusion 360 could be used to design the parts and output the gcode files to machine the parts. Using a rotary axis also lends itself to adding decorative elements to the parts.
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