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A lot of members would love to have the Sommerfeld router table plan. The company very kindly made it available as a pdf. It's quite large. It is also available from my dropbox public folder, here: SommerfeldRouterTableInst.pdf

Thanks to Pat at Sommerfeld for her kindness in making this discontinued plan available to the Router Forums. Very nice people, and I like their stuff.

I also recommend watching the four part video of Marc Sommerfeld building the table:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
He demonstrates the full process. He uses all Sommerfeld products, bits, accessories and their dovetail jig. But the lessons apply no matter what brand tools you use. He also demonstrates very good router technique. And yes, he's removed some of the safety devices so you can see better.

For faceframes, I prefer to use the Kreg Pocket Screw setup. If your saw is set up to produce 90 degree cuts, the screws pull the joint square. Depends a lot on your preferences for edges. I think you could use a commercial table top on the case. Enjoy.


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Thanks for that, Tom.
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