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Need help with a couple questions. Kind of got my hubby involved in this craft place i go to and now they want him to make wood forms for them. The lady that teaches the class told me he could use 3/4 ply cause we cement glass on these. The question i have is what type of wood should i by him to make the templet out of? Also when i went up and got him a router i picked up a set of guides, my next question is, for the 1/4 cutter can you get a longer guide or are they all going to be that short/ dose not seem like enough is there to follow the edge if he gets patterns with up and down shape to it? thanks signed- soon to be hung Soon to be Hung/ Part 2 of 1/ did not realize the teacher would be in such need of so many. He said had he known this he would not have taken this on. Is there fast means of doing say 30 or more forms at a time, as it is he cuts them close with his scroll saw then has a setup made with jig and templet and router to where he can sit in chair with wheels and go around whole table to do form but still takes time and i just seem to get in way. He's a die maker and said if he was rich he would buy cnc machine(what ever that is) can anyone help before he boots me out? thanks
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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