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We'd love to see some photos of this as it is now and as you progress through the stages. Our shop is what used to be out attached two-car garage in a fairly new gated subdivision, so houses are about 15' apart. We insulated the walls, ceiling, and garage door about 5 years ago and I run a CNC, planer, table saw, jointer, drum sander, dust collector, shop vac, etc. every day and sometimes at night yet until I told our new neighbor that I do woodworking she had no clue, never heard noise at all (she just moved in not long ago).

So if your nearest neighbor is 10 times the distance of my neighbor then I would just insulate for heat/cold and the noise should take care of itself. The only tool you can hear outside our shop is the DeWalt 735 planer and you have to be standing in the driveway and be close to the garage door. If you're out on the sidewalk, which is about 30' from the front of the shop/garage, then you can't hear the planer at all.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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