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Spalted Maple with bent laminated legs

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This Spalted Maple table is one board 19'' wide 49" long. The legs are bent laminated Ash and Cherry.
The finish is epoxy.


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Nice job. I'd bet you could get some serious bucks for that, if you decide not to keep it.
Neat design and good work, Larry! Very nice.

Well done Larry...

in the right setting, that will be one helluva eye catcher
I agree. Very well done. The bent legs are a kind of art nouveau and the top is rustic. Makes an interesting mix.
Beautful wood, but if I had it, I'd likely turn the legs so they splay out rather than in. You can't put any real weight on the ends of this table without making it unstable. The center of gravity must stay over the base to be stable. The wider the base (where it touches the floor), the more stable the piece will be. But, wow, what a gorgeous hunk of Maple.
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Larry that is one nice looking chunk of wood you have there.
Nice slab! How'd you bend the legs?

Don't think there will be 2 of those that look alike.
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John the legs were bent in a form than lots of hand work.
Your right Tom, I am going to make a different base for this top and use the legs on a smaller top.
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When you replace the legs, repost. It is a striking piece of furniture! See if you can reverse the curve before you change legs. I think setting them closer to the middle and splaying they out at an angle would make this look terrific. Tommy likes it.
Could spend lots of time looking at that top, it will hypnotize you.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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