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Special router bit

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Where can I find a upspiral router bit that is 3/32" in size. I have tried several distributers and they offer 5/32" or 1/4" which misses the whole point. I am working with material that is on 3/32" thick. :confused:
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Hi pkowzan

I'm almost sure you will need to drop down to a 1/8" shank size to get what you want.
Here's one web site for you to check out

Below is just a standard 1/8" set,but no 3/32"

Just a NOTE *** this is the router table I use when I use the small 1/8" size,it works great for the small ones :)
I also use my VS Dremel tool, when I run the router bits,the Dremel turns to fast and will burn the bits up otherwise.

see snapshots below... ▼

Bj :)


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I doubt you will find an up-spiral bit. Bosch makes a 1/4" shank 3/32" bit, I have one. This is a single flute carbide bit. Check your local tool distributors to find one who carries Bosch or order online.
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