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dobiepg said:
Hiya folks,
I need to find a router bit which will cut the profile of a machine gear. I need the bit to cut a diemetral pitch of 8. That's a specific size of gear tooth.

You see, I've designed the workings for a grand-father clock (I'm an engineer by trade) and I want to make the whole thing from wood. I've looked at cutting the gear profiles with a scroll saw but that's just not precise enough to yield accurate time. I came up with a way to mass produce the gears, I think, if only I could find that router bit.

Yes, I have talked to two manufacturers about a custom profile. To date, I've had no's a complicated profile.

Maybe if you posted a drawing or picture of what you are doing it would help. The last gear design I did was a school project 34 years ago..... I might know what your talking about but a lot of people here might have trouble knowing what a diametral pitch of 8 is much less what the bit to cut it would look like.

Having said that.... what about a small dia bit and cut the profile that way? You could do a ruff cut with a jigsaw leaving a 1/16" or so of waste to be trimmed with the small router bit. You would make a pattern to do one tooth at a time then index to the next tooth.

The gear could be to small for this I guess, as a small router bit would be 1/8"

Just a few thoughts...

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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