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Speed Control Switch

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Does anyone know of a speed control switch I can mount on my table that is variable speed AND can be used with soft start / variable speed motors? Mine is a PC 890 motor. All the ones I am coming across cannot be used with this type motor. Thanks as usual !!
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The answer to this is there are none. The functions of your routers built in soft start and speed controls require full power to operate. You are limited to using these controls or facing an expensive repair which warranty will not cover.

When troubleshooting a device the most likely component to fail is an IC chip, fourth down the list is a switch. Chips are subject to damage from heat and vibration. Aftermarket speed controllers are larger and disipate heat better and since they are table mounted you also reduce the vibration they are subject to. This is why I prefer a simple on / off switch on my routers.
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