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Spray painter reccomendations Please

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I know this is the "router" place, but jeeez...a guy can't route all the time! So, heres the situation. I have never held a spray painting device in my hand, except for one time years ago when I was attempting to coat the inside of my floatplane floats with yellow stuff (can't remember the name) and BLEW the bottom out of the pot!! Wow! Yellow stuff all over.Now....jump ahead a few decades and I think I might need a SIMPLE and reasonably priced spray painting system to due light dury stuff around our place.
Your reccomendations and advice appreciated. I don't want to rent. I just need something basic, low maintenance and reasonably priced.
Thank you gents.
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I currently have a Wagner Power painter and I don't recommend them. They make more of a mess than what they spray on your project.
Here is a tip that many people don't think of. If you happen to have a hand sprayer, like a garden sprayer, 5 gal or less, those work just as well as a regular paint system. Clean up is a bit more simplified too. I'm not sure what the prices are on them, haven't had to buy one in several yrs.


"BLEW the bottom out of the pot!! Wow! Yellow stuff all over" = this can come about when you use more than 50Lbs. PSI on a paint gun.

I take it you have a COMPRESSOR if not you will need one if you want to use a spray gun.
If you don't have one you get one like the one below.

They make all kinds of spray guns and at all kinds of prices.
Here's a good spot to find one. :)

The one I have and it works just right for me ▼
and if I wipe it out or forget to clean it out I don't care but they are real easy to clean if you use a water base paint like I do most of the time.

Good luck on the hunt

Bj :)
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Wagner paint guns work fine as long as you follow the instructions. I have used them in industrial situations for years. The inexpensive paint guns from Harbor Freight will spray coarse materials like latex or primer. These are a good way to get started. Do not try spraying indoors unless you want everything to have a paint residue on it. Make yourself a small paint booth out of cheap tarps with minimal wooden framing and work outside. Wear a mask and if you wear presciption glasses use goggles to cover them, safety glasses if you do not. The HVLP sprayers use less pressure and more material and this tends to put more of your finish where you want it. Rockler has a unit for under $100 that should work well for all but the most demanding projects.
Just a Note ***
The 2 can system works great, you put paint in one pot and then cleaner in the other,then if you need to take a break or stop or wait for the 1st coat to dry then ,you just put the pot on with the cleaner on the gun and run it in gun and then pop off the can and just set it down .

Hope this helps

Bj :)
Do not try spraying indoors unless you want everything to have a paint residue on it. Just to add to this note... you will have fumes indoors, so if you have to paint indoors, make sure you have some sort of ventilation.

Also, only suggestion a hand sprayer due to the fact you don't need a compressor to work these.

Okay fellas, thanks. You provided just the information I will need. I DO have compressors, so thats no problem.
Oh....the yellow stuff I blew up was Zinc Oxide. Took me a few hours to remember, but ya gotta remember I'm gittin' to be an old fart!
Thanks again.
The yellow stuff was Zinc chromate
To prevent corrosion.
Fellow ex flier.
Maurice be right. Sure ruint some nice boots I wuz wearin'.
Remember "pressure regulator", "pressure regulator". :D :D :D
Pressure regulator? Pressure regulator? I don't need no steenking pressure regulator!! Thanks again for the help group.
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