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Has any of you woodworkers had any experience using the Preval sprayer products? I purchased one at Home Depot to spray some small pieces of wood. So far not doing so well. I got 3-of the sprayers. The first one wouldn't spray just plain water. The 2nd one did pretty good spraying a primer diluted 50/50 with water. This is all water base. I was going to spray some red latex paint using the 3rd sprayer. Didn't work. I diluted it more. Still not work. Went back and used sprayer # 2. It sprayed it but the paint was to thin and it ran. I mixed up more paint close to 50/50 and it to ran. Look like of the 3-units only one was usable. It says made in America, but the quality isn't there.

It says on the box: "Preval Amazing Spray System". I wasn't amazed.

Has anyone tried used this spray painter?

Malcolm / Kentucky USA
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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