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Springs for M12V

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I removed the springs from my M12V router to use the router on my table, but now I need to use the plunge router free hand and I lost one spring and broke the other (don't ask).
I have searched the "net" and have called a couple of places and have not been able to locate a source. Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement springs?
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I take it that you have a Hitachi M12. I suggest you try to get them on the web site and see if a repair/parts facility is near you. Maybe you can order them on the web site.
Good luck Woodnut65
Thank you Ejant -
I contacted them and they are on the way only $2.22 each - They say ignorance is bliss - I must be awful happy - I contacted at least a dozen tool suppliers and vendors and never thought about going to Hitachi direct. - again I thank you
Sounds like a ood deal.
If they had problems with spring breakage you are assured to get the improved springs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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