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I ran into a little problem (two, actually) when cutting half-blind dovetails on my new INCRA LS-25 Wonder Fence System. Other components in use with my LS-25 include:
Incra Mast-R-Lift II router lift, Porter-Cable 75182 router, Whiteside router bits (D14-55 1/2" x 14 degrees dovetail bit, in this case), Wixey digital height guage, Incra Right Angle Fixture, Incra 27" x 43" Offset Router Table, and Incra Router Table Stand.

Problem 1: Carefully following step-by-step instructions, I end up cutting "square" tails (i.e., angular dovetails and rabbet) and pin sockets that are rounded on the inside corners. This sort of creates a square peg (tail) for a round hole (pin socket). I've gone over my two Incra reference books (Master Reference Guide and Template Library, as well as Projects and Techniques, both by Perry McDaniel) and the LS Positioner DVD, but cannot find any guidance for either rounding off the inside corners of the tails or squaring out the inside corners of the pin sockets. In order to get my half-blind dovetails to seat securely, I have had to go at them with a chisel. Am I missing something?

Problem 2: When cutting wide pin sockets (such as with template 27 - DOVP), the series of cuts indicated on the template leave a very irregular, even jagged, cut along the inside edge of the cut. I have been able to partially correct this by making two intermediate cuts between every cut line indicated on the template, but the resulting line is still far from smooth. I even tried standing the pin board on end against the Wonder Fence and Hi-Rise Fence Cap with the router bit inside the pin socket to clean it out and get straight cut line. This has produced a smooth finished cut line, but is a risky procedure: even after carefully setting up stops at both ends of the cut length, the torque of the router bit can sometimes jerk the board out of my hand. Any ideas on how to do this right?
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