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Hi all,
It has been a while, life seems so busy sometimes. I replaced the sill on an upper sash a couple years ago and while it turned out OK, I did learn a lot. I'm looking to do some more repairs soon as quite a few other windows have the same issue, the upper sash sill is either extremely warped, rotted or sagging on one side (and also rotted). With the weather getting nice, I'm thinking to pull one sash and replicate it and fix it. That way, I can pull one sash and replace with a repaired one and fix when time allows. My question is. What is the proper size sash router bits for my windows? I see various cutting lengths like 7/8 and 1-5/16. Amazon has this that has good reviews. The windows are 1 3/8 I think. Need to check. Is the length mentioned the cutting length along the spin axis from top to bottom? After I finished my work on that first window I realized I had forgotten about the beveled part and had to add this on after the fact! Glue and some screws are hidden under the paint!
Anyhow, as usual, I know you guys will steer me right. I want to get the bits ordered so I can get to work on this soon, thanks in advance!


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