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Lookin for Stanley router bits 05-609 or information on what bits are comparable?
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That part number is not on the internet! Are you sure of that number? A picture of it would help.

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Welcome to the forum, Ray !!
forget the Stanley brand name for a moment and cruise through some profile bits on the internet and let us know what profile you are in need of. Also, the model number of your router and if it is a 1/4 or 1/2" shank you need. Cordless or Corded router ?
Welcome to the forum Ray.
G'day @RayRay , welcome to the forum.

More information as per John's post would be a great help.
Hi, Here's a couple of pdfs of bits and their profiles. See one that's what you need? It would also help to know what you want to make with it. There are all kinds bits that are essentially the same from brand to brand.


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