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Star Knobs in Croatia

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If Kaufland operate in Serbia and Slovenia this is good for there too.

This week I spotted some car roof racks for bicycles in Kaufland. Not that I ride a bike, but the price fascinated me. They were Kns 27, which is around 4 bucks. At that price,they come into the cheap enough to stick on one side until an opportunity arises category. Actually, I've a Dutch friend who is a keen off road cyclist and they could be handy for him.

The bonus, though, was that the fixing kit that comes with them contains six 6mm star knobs amongst other useful straps, u bolts etc. as well as the steel U channel and bracing piece.

Six star knobs for Kns27 would be a good deal on their own, especially when no-one sells star knobs around here normally anyway. We find things where we can !

Oh, and completely off topic, I went to see someone who wants to sell his house yesterday and found he supplies violin makers with wood. He has a cellar full of special sizes of maple, specifically for the violin and associated instrument trade. Since we've no local instrument producers, it came as a surprise. At least I now have a source of maple ten minutes down the road.


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