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Stereo Speakers

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I finally stepped out and bought some "Good Wood", High Character Walnut and and 1/4" Maple and made a couple of blue tooth stereo speaker boxes for daughter and son-in-law. The boxes came out pretty good, the scrolling came out good and the speakers were surprisingly very good! They are Rockler's Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
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Very nice, Marco.

Did you do the scrolling freehand?
Yes James freehand scrolling.
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Turned out nice..
Turned out nice..
Thanks Reb. First time working with Walnut. It milled up great, very nice to work with and easier to mask my flaws.
Very nice Marco.
They look wonderful , and I love walnut as well.
Very nice. Your daughter must be very proud of you.
Welcome to the forum @murasakikitty
G'day @murasakikitty , welcome to the forum
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