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Still Having Fun With My PlasmaCam ROUTER Table

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I am building a business slowly, and things are moving along ... slowly.

I now have five CNC machines, one 4x4 PlasmaCam table that I use for plasma cutting, one 5x10 Samson table (Made by PlasmaCam) for my plasma cutting of larger sheets, one 5x10 Samson table with a router mounted in place of the plasma torch for routing operations, and two new 2x2 Go Torch machines (also made by PlasmaCam). One will have a light duty router on it, while the other will have a low power laser mounted to the carriage. :smile:

I used my 510 table with a DeWalt 611 router and a 1/16" bit to experiment routing into solid surface material. I sure like the results!

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If you steal it -- then I am too.

Copying is also a big big problem on Etsy. Complaints coming in all over. People are not only stealing the designs, but posting the copied pics with the original water marks, and even the shop name and artist. Then there's the overseas bunch that just blatantly steal the whole shooting match and cheapen them up, mass produce them with basically slave labor, and flood the marketplace. Etsy doesn't seem to care - as long as they get their fees.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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