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I am building a business slowly, and things are moving along ... slowly.

I now have five CNC machines, one 4x4 PlasmaCam table that I use for plasma cutting, one 5x10 Samson table (Made by PlasmaCam) for my plasma cutting of larger sheets, one 5x10 Samson table with a router mounted in place of the plasma torch for routing operations, and two new 2x2 Go Torch machines (also made by PlasmaCam). One will have a light duty router on it, while the other will have a low power laser mounted to the carriage. :smile:

I used my 510 table with a DeWalt 611 router and a 1/16" bit to experiment routing into solid surface material. I sure like the results!

Joe the Second Amendment sign should sell really well. I like the things you have on your website also. Looks like your on the way to being a millionaire. :smile:
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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