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So, I just started designing cabinets with stop dados opposed to dowels. The biggest issue I have is the the CAD/CAM end of things and getting everything cut as efficiently as possible. I got the prototype cut and it fit together perfectly but I feel there is room for improvement on the programing end in Aspire. I draw everything in autocad first and then import into Aspire. My biggest issue is the multi height cuts. My material is .764 thick so I cut 50% the way down and all the way through for the tenons which I make .375" deep. This leaves me a strip uncut on the tenon that I need to do another rectangle with a pocket tool path to remove. The only way I see to simplify it is to make the tenon .25 (the same size as the bit) so when it does the first pass .382" deep (50%) there wont be any uncut portion left but Im not sure how I feel about only having .25 tenon...My gut says it should be fine but if there is a way to program if better I would rather leave them at .375

I attached a photo. Its two separate profile passes. First one is a simple rectangle .382 deep and the second (outer) one with the tenons which is also an issue. I usually do 2 passes to cut all all the way. Since part of the cut has already been removed to a .382 depth IF I start the second profile cut and start it at .382 when it gets to the tenon section I will be cutting full thickness .764 but if I make the second profile cut in 2 passes I will be cutting air part of the time...

profile cut #1
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Circle

Profile cut #2
Rectangle Azure Font Screenshot Software

Profile cut 1&2 overlay showing the uncut area on the tenon.
Rectangle Azure Operating system Font Screenshot
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