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Storing tools

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Since I am new to woodworking and starting to accumulate a few tools, I was wondering about storing them. For tools like my router, drills, saws, etc...they all came withthe molded plastic case (the router did not come with anything), but it is easier and more convenient to store them on shelves without the case above my working area. Is there any reason I should want to keep them in the case? I just want to make sure I am not causing harm....


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In my opinion, the cases are fine if you want to take the tools on a field trip, otherwise it is far more conveniet to store them in the shop without the case. Tools need air circulation to prevent rust and moisture containment, the case will not allow the air circulation, thus a potential for problems.
Hi Bob -

Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought about corrosion - my tools haven'tmade a trip yet, but who knows. My "shop" is my garage and it does have a bit of temp. variations, so I will continue keeping them on the shelves without the case - Thanks!

Zach, It does not hurt to have a dust cover over your tools to keep out any stray sawdust and dirt. Even a cabinet will still allow good ventilation and reduce the shmutz that would build up.
You can get those packets that you find with shoes, and other types of purchases... these packets will remove moisture from the air to you won't get any type or style of rust.
Hi Qstick,
You might consider building a wall hung cabinet specifically for your tools as a project. That way you get practice along with something useful for your shop.
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