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STP on router tubes

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On my weekend project I found that they ask me to use STP on the slides on my plunge router. STP the auto product. Many years ago they had some big sommo(spelling?) guy trying to hold a screwdriver dipped in this motor oil additive.... remember that ad?

Anyway since the project also called for me to put the springs back in my plunge router that is table mounted I figured why not give it a try. Now my router has rubber boots over the tubes so the amount of sawdust getting to the tubes is limited to what sneaks in little vent holes. I went to an auto parts store and got a small bottle of it and it was even thicker then I remembered from way back when... I use to use it in my cars back in the '60's.

As with any oil you need only a thin film so I q-tipped some on then spread it with my fingers. Put the router back together and it sure moved smooth.

I am not saying everyone should run out and do this but I would be interested if someone else tried this and then compare notes later..... I still can't work in the garage much but it's getting closer.... so this is a very short term result of my test.

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Sounds interesting to me, Ed. My King router is still rather difficult to plunge even after I shortened the springs. As you say, a thin coat is applied... You don't have any fears of the oil getting on a project as you rout it?
I don't see any problem with the oil getting anywhere else, as I mentioned on my router the tubes are covered and it is just a very thin coating......

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