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STUCK BIT -- Bosch 1604A stuck with a 1/4" shank

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SUMMARY: ¼” shank roundover bit stuck in my router! :eek:

ROUTER: Bosch 1604A fixed base (bought new in 1999)
GRRRRRR! I have used this fixed base router once since I’ve always just used my other router. Anyway, in January ‘12 I put a small roundover bit in the Bosch used it one night. Tonight I went out the to put in my brand new Whiteside 2009 roundover bit but I can’t get the old, crappy bit out!

I did not know about the not tightening bits when all the way to the floor of it, to back it out 1/8” or so. I used the wrenches to loosen the nut but it loosened not too much before it went against the flanges of the roundover bit so can’t be loosened anymore!

So I got two pieces of scrap wood, a large vice grip and tried to pull it out. Hilarious. Not even budge. Since I don’t care if the bit breaks (it’s crappy) I tapped the end of it with a vice grip three times. That moved it but CLOSER into the router! Man I was not expecting that.

Hmmm, that must mean I did leave a little room between the shaft and the bottom of the collar or whatever. Anyway, now the collar is like against the flange of the bit. I just don’t want to wreck the router and we can destroy the bit if necessary.

Okay guys, time for your help. What shall I do? :laugh:
1. remove the router from the base
2.mount the bit into a vice by placing it in between of two wooden planks, thick plywood probably best (just like you did)
3. using the wrench around the collar at the base of the rotor try to get some movement between the bit/vice and the rotor/wrench
the rest is easy
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Welcome to the forum, @RabbitHole
Welcome to the forum @RabbitHole
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