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Hello Artedna, one usually puts an "o" ring in the arbor to keep the bit from "bottoming out". This prevents heat build up on the bit itself.
Some router collets are designed that way others could be an issue with the collet itself. Need a bit more info... router make, model??

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I did at one time put O-Ring on all my bits but now I just use one rubber elec.grommet down inside the collet or in the base of the router arbor.
It keeps the bit from jaming down to the base inside of the collet when you wrench it down.
The rubber will give the bit a place to seat to.

The one I found out that works the best is a 1/8" id x 9/16" od.or 5/8" od but this will not be the same on all routers.
Find them at..
Hardware stores for a firewall wall grommets or auto stores for (sheet metal grommets)

Bj :)
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