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Stuck on control x

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Hi I'm new ti cnc and new to the forum and new to forums in general. So I apologize if this isn't posted in the right place. I bought a genmitsu 4030 PROver xl a couple weeks ago. And so far it has worked ok aside from user error. Today I connected to my computer turned on the control box and launched candle and in the console window it says control x. So I pressed reset, unlock, home, jog and all the other functions and nothing happens. I typed control x woth the keyboard nothing happens. I checked the com and baud they are correct. I turned the control box on and off several times nothing changes. I closed and launched candle several times nothing changes. I restarted my computer a couple times nothing changes. Im very frustrated and its probably something simple. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to get this machine moving again?
Thank you Sam
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Welcome to the forum @Sammysurfer

I’m sure someone will be along to give you a hand.
Welcome to the forum, Sam.
Some of the CNC guys should be along soon.
They will ask the right questions to help.
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