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Suggestions for Finish

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I am making a game box for a Christmas gift. It is primarily Walnut that I have planed to 5/8" with a 3/4" stripe of Cherry for contrast. I am also using a Figured Maple veneer for the lid. My desire is a satin finish that is not too thick. I have a compressor but have not purchased spray guns, etc. Does anyone have suggestions for a spray can finish or wiped finish? I do not want any brush marks, etc. I will post pictures when I am finished. -Derek
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Hello Fibertech,

My neighbor was telling me to try mixing a light colored or natural Stain and Urethane together and lightly spray it on for a finish. I have not tried it yet but I am going to mix a little stain with the Urethane that I put on my work bench today and see how it turns out. I am brushing it on.

I have used a Satin Spray from Walmart before but if I go that route again I will buy a air brush and mix my own. You also will want to look at getting a filter to remove moisture.
Thanks Randy. I am definitely going to avoid stain. The contrast of the Walnut and Cherry is too good. I have several good stores in the Seattle area. If I have a method or product in mind before I buy, it should turn out nice. -Derek
Hi Fiberteck:

I use GENERAL FINNISHES which is a wipe on product. You can buy this in a Satin, LOW GLOSS or GLOSS. It is a oil & urethane wipe on.
For what you are proposing do about 5 to 6 applications letting each dry and rub the surface with oooo steelwool between applications. this will give you what you are looking for and will dry clear and no staining.
First of all I am not a fan of polyurethane varnish.If I were finishing your box I would pad on orange shellac, if the semi-gloss sheen isn't to your liking lower the sheen with a gray woven pad,not steel wool. Perhaps the easiest finish,that still high-lights the grain is waterlox wiping varnish. It is a phenolic varnish made with tung oil. Let us know what you choose.

I think what Jerry described last is what I am imagining. We have a walnut box (that the cremains for our dog came home in) that has an oil finish with a low lustre. I want to highlight the colours of the woods without a glassy finish. I will post the results and pictures in a couple of weeks. My time is so limited because I work 12 hour shifts through the night (for the largest wireless carrier in the U.S) and the honeydew projects come first.It should be in a couple of weeks. Thanks to all for the replies. -Derek
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