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Suggestions on Spindle

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a 2.2 Kw spindle that has either UL or CSA approved certification? We're trying to build a CNC for our professor, and if anyone has previously bought one and could link it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Welcome to the forum! Add your first name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel and so we'll know what to call you. Add your location to your profile, as well.

We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready. What sort of woodworking are you planning or doing with the CNC? We'd love to see photos of the build.

What searches have you done to see if any are available? I doubt any of the Chinese spindles are UL certified so that probably leaves spindles made in the USA, gonna be pricey!

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I'm not sure there are any? I just did some reading, and found that UL listing is for standalone products. A spindle is not a "standalone" product, as it requires other components to power and control it.

As David said, if there are, they would probably cost considerable more. Check out HSD spindles.
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Welcome to the Router Forums!
Just as a point of clarification on UL...

ger21 is correct, UL Listed products are complete, "stand-alone" products. But there is also a UL Recognized classification which is for components and materials used (typically) to make UL Listed products. If it has a UL File, a spindle would would be a Recognized component. What this means is that the items construction and materials were reviewed by UL for appropriateness and for electrical products (such as motors) there are generally industry standards that the products must conform to.

I'm a bit rustier on how CSA operates but I would suspect it would be similar. There is also such a thing as a Canadian UL (both listed and recognized) where products conform to Canadian standards instead of US.

Since most spindles seem to be made outside the US or Canada (not sure where OP is from) a more likely certification on a spindle is going to be CE. This is similar in intent to UL and CSA certification and products are required to conform to "international" standards.

In all cases the certification will be indicated on a label on the product. If no label then it is not certified.

Hope this helps.
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Honestly I've been having the same issue finding a spindle, thanks for the help guys. I am an engineering student working for a lab, and were trying to build 5 axis and 3 axis CNC machines from zero background knowledge. This has been quite the learning process, and we've finally gotten down what controller board, motors, and software were going to use, just trying to finalize the spindle. The University that I'm working at prefers if our equipment is certified (preferably CSA as we are in Canada), but it looks like we'll probably just have to get everything certified individually later, lets hope I don't screw this up.

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There are tens of thousands of these 'non-certified' spindles running all over the world. That may not make you feel better, Rob, but if you have the option to have one certified later then maybe you can get with the certification team and run a spindle past them before buying. If they have some skin in the game that may help down the road and take some of the burden off you and your team.

It might be a good time to have a conversation with CSA. I think you'll find that they will be more than happy to guide you. I would be sure to ask them about how they feel about using CE components and sub-components since you are more likely to find components with this certification.

As a side note, CSA (and UL) investigations related to certifications are expensive and once you have certification they have to be maintained (as in ongoing maintenance fees).

Good luck.
This has been quite the learning process, and we've finally gotten down what controller board, motors, and software were going to use, just trying to finalize the spindle.
There are several here who have DIY machines that may be able to offer some guidance. What have you decided on? My recommendation for a good place to do research is
UGRA CNC has spindles with a CE label on them.
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