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Sun Wukong - Monkey King Busts

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Carved 3 monkey king bust patterns as gifts for some school mates.

8" x 6" x .5" in poplar with golden oak stain.

A fun little project.

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Very nice.
Neat project. Did you use one of my Grandfathers for your model?
I like using Poplar with the Golden Oak stain. Most of mine I also put a coat or 2 of clear polyurethane to protect them and make them shine.
I didn't know poplar would look that good.
Thanks all. It was a fun pattern to make. No grandpas were used in the creation of the pattern. lol.
Splended! Any plan to carve other chareacters from Monkey King?
That's great again Oscar! I just bought the latest version of Aspire and Affinity Photo and it would be really funny if I tried to make a monkey. You're using free software and your talent and producing amazing models!!
Keep it up.
Thanks all.

@[email protected], I don't know. My friends kept talking about the monkey king which is why I made the pattern. I am not familiar with the story but I will have to look into it more.

@Pro4824, you know you have to make a monkey now. :)

Blender is an amazing piece of software. I have other 3d/3d digital sculpting programs but I always gravitate back to blender for something. Not the easiest to learn but incredibly powerful. I went back to school in my old age to get my brain working again and I'm currently learning all the 3d animation industry standard software and blender isn't too far behind in some areas (the main ones I use primarily). I also use Zbrush a lot along with Blender.

I am starting a pirate next.

Mouth Jaw Screenshot Font Multimedia software
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And another pattern for my library. Still needs a few tweaks but overall pretty satisfied.

Head Eye Jaw Beard Headgear
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You're a real artist Oscar but your skull is missing a tooth. Lol. Looks great!!!
Thanks. Bad oral hygiene in those days. ;)

Post pictures of your patterns when you start making them. Love to see what others are making.
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