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Sundeck Decor

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Finally got to finish a small project for the sundeck after a long hot dry summer, as late as it started, I'm late finishing this for the season's use. This Flower decoration is not small; measuring 2.5 ft' across the flower head. I made use of leftover cedar deck boards 1" thick. The flower center is a 6" circle and the petals are a foot long each, joined to the center with a dowel and glue, reinforced on the back with 1/4 " plywood scrap and screws. The stem is an old dead tree branch. The leaf is 1/4" plywood. The pot is a piece of 3/4" marine plywood. I only had to buy the yellow and red paint. A great way to clean up some clutter from the scrap bin! Most of the cutting was done on a scroll saw and table saw. The petals were sanded to fit the center circle with the rounded end of the bench belt sander. I like the idea, that this piece will greet us in the Spring when we start using the deck once more! I hung the decoration on a small chain over a bracket on our retractable canopy/awning, of the deck. That way it is mostly out of the weather all the time. I had no formal plans to consult. The size of the scrap wood pretty much determined the shape and size of this finished art. Thanks for looking in on my contribution. Questions welcome. I'm still learning too!


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That's pretty charming. My wife would love that. We had a few things like this up, but they're faded by our desert sun and intense UV up here in the high desert. I was also thinking this would make a really nice wind toy just by setting the petals at a slight angle with an axle in the middle.
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