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T&G routing bit

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Saw a recent article on developing T&G joints using a router bit designed for this purpose. Cannot locate article or bit recommendations. Can you help?

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Hi graydocs

The one I recommend is the SOMMERFELD'S OWN Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set
3-Piece Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set

It's not cheap about 100.oo but if you buy two of the standard T & G sets to do the same type of job you will save money in the long run.
Standard sets go for about 60.oo ea. and they will only cut to a max of 3/4" with the tongue on center.

It's a great set and it comes with a FREE DVD/VHS to show you how to make cabinets and how to use the bits.
It's also comes with the standard 19mm bearing (2ea.)and shims (4ea.) plus a rubber gromet for the router collet nut (see video) , so you can use it for the standard T & G setup.
The set comes with OVER Size bearing so you cut a 1/4" deep slot unlike the stantard T & G sets,(7/16" deep slot the norm)

Out of all the sets of router bits I have this is the BEST ONE I Have and use it all the time for many jobs, like table tops,face frames,cabinets,side panels,doors,dust shelf, book cases,face plywood edge and on and on .
This one bits set will fill 80% of your router bit needs.

You can also just get the video in VHS or DVD and it's worth the price (10.oo)
Just to make sure b/4 you want to drop a 100.oo for some router bits but I'm sure you will once you see how easy it is to do with the right bit set.

Bj :)
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The Freud 99-036 will cut tongues in stock up to 1-1/4" and is adjustable so you can make T&G from 7/32" to 3/8" thick.
Thanks Charles for the tip BUT

I can see how to Adjust the bit for stock from 1/2" to 1-1/4" thick BUT how do you cut 1/4" deep slot only with only one set of bearings. ?,, I know you can use the router table fence but that's a pain to setup when you change bits all the time, plus you need to reset the height of the bit when you change the bits every time...unlike the CMT set (sommerfeld set)

Freud 99-036 T & G Set
Customer Reviews,not to good on this item.

When Freud ships bits to Amazon are they bulk pack ?, in a bag ?,why would they be chipped when a customer gets them?.
Just asking ????, that one thing would stop me from buying from Amazon on this item,a 70 dollars scrap steel part.

Bj :)
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You are correct about the cut depth. To change it would require a change of the bearing. I only offered it as a general T&G set not necessarily as a replacement for the Sommerfeld. I didn't think the OP was looking for a cabinet carcass building set.

These are packaged in plastic clamshells for retail display. I don't know why Amazon has problems shipping these. They are a fairly heavy set of bits and if they come out of their packaging in shipment they could chip each other. Since our packaging is retail and not self shipping we rely on the dealer to properly secure and cushion products in shipping containers to prevent damage.
Thanks for the feed back Charles :)

Do you sale the bearing for your set ?,, I have a hard time finding bearing other than the standard ones for the T & G sets.(the norm 19mm)
If so can you post the part number for the bearing... ???...

That's the neat thing about the Sommerfeld set you can use it for both cabinet carcass or just a standard T & G by replacing the bearing quick and easy with the shank having a wrench slot just under the bottom bit.

I hope you can see why I recommend the SOMMERFELD'S OWN Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking Set over the standard T & G sets.
Plus they do come in a wooden box and to prevent damage in shipping or after you use them time after time.
Don't get me wrong I do like Freud bits for the most part but on this one.
I also use a Freud 3 1/4 HP router in my router table :)

Just a side NOTE
"we rely on the dealer to properly secure and cushion products in shipping containers to prevent damage"
That maybe a error on Freud part, I have got may items from Amazon and for the most part they pack the items inside with air bags (big air bags) but you know and I know that may people that work for UPS,US Post Office,and others carriers like to play foot ball, basket ball,kick ball with the boxes they move around, this week I got a box that looked like it was a used for kick ball it was so bad that someone retape it 3 times and one end of the box was gone but it did have someones shoe size in the side of the box. :) #9 1/2.

Once the seller hands it off to the carrier that's it for them most of the time and if you have a damage item you will need deal with the carrier most of the time BUT Amazon is one of the best internet sellers they will replace the item most of the time.
Then deal with the carrier ..I guess what I'm trying to say if Freud had a better box for the router bits this would not be a issue and a little tape goes along way when you are trying to keep a item in a plastic clamshell... :)

Have a good week
Bj :)
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Our standard arbor mounted bearings are 8mm ID and 22mm OD. We also offer the following additional OD sizes:
62-120 1"
62-121 1-1/4"
62-122 1-1/2"
62-124 26mm
62-128 30mm

Note that these are sleeved bearings so they are thicker than the bearing alone and will affect the spacing between cutters on tongue cutters.
Thanks again Charles

I have tried the bearing you have posted and you're right they will affect the cut.
So now I have a set or two that are over size...but I'm sure I will use them some day.

Thank you for taking the time to help ... :) :)

Bj :)

Here's one I made/used b/4 the sommerfeld set, it will also cut 1 1/8 thick stock.
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Charles and Bob thanks for the help on T&G Bits.

You're Welcome graydocs

I hope it helps, and I'm sure you know that Freud and Sommerfeld (CMT) makes some of the best router bits around. :)

Bj :)
Hi Charles

I have a question for you ?????

Take a look at the links for the Amazon items (bits),the one that is damage is NOT painted red and the arbor has no name (Freud) on it and the nut is not heat black and the braz.weld has no paint on it..and it looks a bit longer(arbor).
Do you ALWAYS paint your bits red ?????,plus the shank (arbor) is clean,,,,

My Question do you think this is one of Freuds bits ??????
That's why I asked about the bulk pack ????
Will/Do Freud Mfg.sell unpainted bits ????
The customer may have strip the paint and the name but why would he do that if Amazon was going to replace the bit away..??? ,not the norm.
Or do you think Amazon is selling a off brand for a Freud bit. ???

Just asking
Bj :)
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The red version of that bit only exists in artwork and mock ups - the real ones are black. None of our cutters that fit onto an arbor are coated with the red PermaSHIELD coating. One example of this that stands out IMO is our rail and stile bit sets like the 99-260. These have the profile cutter as part of the body of the bit and coated but the groover is a separate cutter that fits the arbor on the end of the bit and so is not coated. We do make OEM bits for other brands but they will either be uncoated or have a different color since we have a trademark on the color red.
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