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My T8 has developed an issue after working fine for about two months.
T8 kit from Banggood
G-code sender UGS
Firmware GRBLGRU 1.1h
Normal 12 and 24 volt supplies, came with kit.

UGS sends the code, the T8 starts, gets to a random point in the G-code and then freezes. TheT8 stops and the spindle keeps spinning. No response from UGS screen buttons except the disconnect button. Press the disconnect and then reconnect stops the spindle but no other screen button actions work. Disconnect the USB line and reconnect does not allow USB to continue. Restart UGS and it's all back.

Anyway after a lot of checking cables and that all connections are good, as in the 2018 posts along with changing the UNO and shield, I investigated the spindle. I found that if the spindle was removed from the T8, still electrically connected and insulated from the T8 frame, there was no issue and the T8 would complete the G-code with no issues. Not a lot of use really as I cannot cut anything with the spindle on the bench whirring away to itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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