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Every shop needs this.

I found a tool on sale recently that only cost $29,999.99 that not only measured out cuts on flat stock, but cuts to within 2/1000 accuracy, at either 45 or 90 degrees with an accuracy of .001 degree, then drives the piece through a precision blade, which can be programmed to rise out of the table to cut directly through the piece so the cut is at any angle you dial in, using your laptop to control it (software is extra, $11,999.99 plus the cost of training at the factory ($3,999.99, plus travel and lodging). Once cut, it then transfers the freshly cut piece into an automatic sanding tool to remove tearout and prep for finish. It then scoots the workpiece onto a special table where an automated finishing tool sprays the pieces with your personal favorite finish (Additional software module is required to program your favorite finishing method, $799.99), then processes the finished pieces through a dryer, and finally stacks the finished pieces in the correct sequence for rapid assembly. Delivery charges of $2,299.99 apply (unassembled with Chinese instrucitons) or you can have it installed on your site for an additional fee of $7,999.99. Includes a 30 day guarantee, or an extended guarantee policy for an additional $2,999.99.

Every shop should have one, but you'll need a larger shop, which is available for $999.99 per sq. ft., which includes 12 inch concrete base and stainless steel tool mounting hardware.

See this fine woodworking tool at

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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