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One of the lost post I had submitted was about a router table I got off ebay that had either fallen or gotten wet along a front edge. This table is for a Shopsmith overarm router table and is rather special.

I was looking for a quick repair and had several replys on ways to fix the problem. You may find this interesting but I just completed the repair and have a few pictures that you can look at.

I sanded the high area down to table level (to be honest I went a little into the tables top..... think .002" or so). I then used my router to take off .003" in the damaged area. I then flaked off the loose material near the edge. I mixed some machineable epoxy and covered the area. After it had hardened I sanded it flat. I got a little to close to the thickness of the laminate in one spot but overall I was happy. Even in the bald spot the epoxy is still there but very thin. I then waxed the table and I think it is ready to use, at least for now.

1) damaged table
2) start of sanding
3) end of sanding
4) routed area
5) epoxy
6) router setup
7) patch on
8) finished



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