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In another fourm someone stated about burned out bearings. He says about dust ports should be mount on top, not under. As it is built to take in fresh air from the top and blow it downwards to the motor for cooling. But when it is mounted upside down, the dust should be mount on top to carry away the chips and dust. I made both of the ports top and at the very bottom of the bucket that I built under the table next to my table saw. Whenever I can't use the top ports, the bottom comes in handy. I'm worried by his stating that the bearings would burn out by this. I haven't seen any manual that says no-no to what I just built.... HELP before I'm sorry!
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There is no wrong way to collect the dust. Power tools were used for years with no dust collection. Common sense will tell you that the more dust you can collect and keep away from the motor and bearings the less likely you are to have trouble. In addition to using a vacuum you should use a little compressed air to blow out any dust that does accumulate. And its a good idea to wear a cheap disposable dust mask any time you are creating sawdust.
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