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Table saw fence "slippage"?

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I really hate to bother you guys with this, but here it is: when I go to lock my fence on the JET table saw it seems to "jump" an 1/8" or so. Am I doing something wrong? It is the stock fence that comes with the JET 10W....saw. Nice saw and I really like it, but this fence thing is driving me nuts. I have to be VERY careful or I am not going to get a 3" but, but a 3 1/8" cut which, as you know......AIN"T gonna work!!
I'd like to upgrade the fence but Good Grief...have you checke the prices! My first CAR didn't cost that much.
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Gee I see no one has posted an answer to your guestion... I don't own a jet table saw and really don't know what the fence looks like but if the fence is moving that much something has to be wrong... could you give us a few more details like when does it move? Does it stay parallel to the blade? Does it have a locking method.... well you get the idea the more information we have the better someone can provide some ideas as to what is wrong (model numbers etc also help).

Me sears saw did the same thing a while back. What I did was, loosen the bolts that mount it to the locking handle. I readjusted the fence to where it was square with the blade of the saw. Retightened the bolts, it now locks an holds without movement.
Hope this helps.

I think I found the problem with my fence slipping. The fence itself apparently, since others have had the same problem. I guess it is in the "nylon" inserts. There is an upgrade fence and of course all the really NICE fences on the market but sadly I lack the required pile of dollars. So now I am extra obersvant and I also CLAMP the back of the fence. Damn shame too...since when I first bought the saw I could simply slide it along to 31/2 inches, lock it and cut perfectly size pieces every time. I really LIKE the saw.
Birchwood, have you contacted Jet about this problem? Todays manufacturers are highly responsive. Give them a chance.
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