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If I've got it figured correctly, the legs additional legs would serve 2 purposes. One is supporting the weight of the router & table, the other to help balance the saw. Might even be a third purpose--to keep from warping the rails and perhaps even the top.

I just got a close-out top from Woodpecker's (28" x 32" for $40 + $23 to ship). Got to mount it to the right side and then flip the Incra positioner to use the new router table. My plan was to make a top 28" x 14" or 16" to mount to the left--which would not have needed legs, but the Woodpecker's deal was too good to pass up. So--not wanting to spend $60 on a pair of Incra legs, my plan is to use some 6/4 ash squared up to about 1 1/4" to within about 1/2" of the floor. In the bottom 12" to 18" mill a pair of 1" slots, and add a piece of 4/4 stock with through bolts and star knobs. Shop floor is concrete, pretty flat but not 100% level. When I need to move the saw (which is about every time I use it), drop the wheels for the saw which will lift the legs, move, loosen the legs, set the saw down, tighten the leg bolts. I don't need more than a quarter inch of travel up/down on the legs--so the 1" slots should be plenty.

Thanks for reading my ramble. I'll post pics when I do it--but it will be a few weeks as i'm having foot surgery in the morning and will not be in the shop (or at work) for at least 2 weeks--then another 4 weeks without driving!!

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