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Table top corrosion fix

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Just wanted to give you all a review of a product I was quite impressed with. My cast iron saw tables had all rusted a bit while I was away and they were sitting idle. I think it had something to do with our wierd weather, hot one day, freezing the next, rain, snow... and maybe even some of the road treatment chemicals the car dragged into the garage. I was surprised, because usually the wax does a real good job of keeping them clean. My scroll saw table was the worst, and scotchbrite alone was not doing a good job, even with a little WD-40.

I broke down and tried the Boeshield system, and I must say I was impressed. The table saw and the Band saw look brand new with just the rust remover and a paper towel. The scrollsaw took 2 tries, with scotchbrite, but looks great. The instructions said it would probably take 2 tries, especially since it recommends working at 70 degrees, and it was only about 40 in the garage when I was working on it.

With the tops clean, I put the Boeshield on and it looks like it is doing a great job. The tops are slippery, yet do not appear to transfer anything to the wood passing over them. I am anxious to see how long the protection lasts before needing re-application.

The kit also came with some bit and blade cleaner/lube that I haven't tried yet, but I think for the money it is worth it. I would recommend only buying the small kit, since I did 3 big machines and still have enough to do 3 more.
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