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Table Top Drill Press Motor 'Anemia'

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I recently purchased a 'General Machinery' table top drill press. I needed something that I could use to make repetative holes in project with but since I am working in my house, (The living room to be exact) I don't have the space for a floor mounted one. Anyway, it was the right price, really cheap, and upon assembly I just liked it. For a cheap Chinese product it really isn't a bad little press. I recently found out why it was so cheap yesterday when I tried to use a 1" forstner to drill a hole in the base of a planter that I was building. The motor stalled as soon as I applied ANY pressure to it. I was able to accomlish the task by lunging (sp?) the spindle down into the work-piece repetatively until it finally made it through but it turned it into a several minute job when it should have been a several second job.
I still really like the press but I was wondering if there were a way to either mount a stronger motor or maybe, just maybe rewire the current motor in such a way that it will perform better.
Any electrical engineers out there that would like to tackle that one?

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This is what I would try 1st.
Take a look at the drive pulleys on the press ,most are 3 step type or 4 step type, change the speed ,to help with hard jobs.
You can always change the pulley size on the motor side of the press to help also.
Because of the type "Chinese product" check the motor shaft size b/4 you go out and get a replacement..
You can always get a bigger motor and put it on the press, if it's the type that hangs off the back side of the press.
You may want to look at the web site for some help .
Or google it,I'm sure you will come up with many hits on that one.

Have a good weekend
Bj :)
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The short answer is no. You can't rewire the motor to increase the power and a larger HP motor,if it would fit,would cost more than the drill press.

Jerry, thank you for the pulley idea. The press does indeed have a stepped system to change speeds. To be candid, I hadn't even thought about that. It only makes sence that with a drop in RPM will come and increase in applied power at the drill bit tip.
BJ, thank you for the reality check. I had a feeling that I was not going to be able to change Watt's law but I was hoping that with all the scientific breakthroughs that have been happening recently someone would have figured out how to change the very basic laws that have been in existance the longest. When I approach problems it seems I am extraordinarily talented at finding the most complicated way to solve it, if I can solve it at all.

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