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Table Top Material

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I have read a lot of discussion on this site concearning this topic. Most have said that a Formica type of material is a great choice.

I recently read an article in American Woodworker (I belive that was the publication) that used tempered hardboard for the top surface. They also said to coat the table with an occasional butchers wax to assist in gliding the material accross the top surface.

Has anyone used hardboard for their top surface? If so, what is your take? If not, also what is your take?

I am not opposed to using it, my only concearn with using Formica and gluing it down is not getting a flat surface.

Once again, and as always, thanks for the input.

"The Scrap Maker"
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There is no problem in getting a flat surface with formica. Also use the water base contact cement and spread it with a 3 inch wide paint roller and follow the drying time on the label before applying the Formica. Apply the formica to the edges first and let it dry , again according to the drying time on the label before trimming the edges with a flush trim bit. Them you can do the top.
Depending on what size you want for a table top, you can go to a cabinet shop and get a double sink cutout already with the formica applied. A sink cutout will produce a 16"x30" top. Good luck in you endevors.

Tempered hardboard is OK if you don't use it very often. I scratches and wares quickly. Use the Formica. As for coating the surface with wax - don't if you going to stain the wood you run across it.
I just had to build a table in a quick fix. I used a hardboard with a melamine finish. Seems to work ok so far. And no drag at all. Good luck.
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