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Tablesaw alignment puzzle

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I have a problem with alignment on my tablesaw crosscut sled. When I cut on the right hand side of the blade, I get a satisfactorily square cut. When I line up to make the cut on the left side of the blade it is not square. I've checked everything I can think of for square. The fence is straight. The blade is parallel to the miter guage slots. The fence is 90degrees to the blade.
Any suggestions?
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The TS is a Bosch TS 3000. No fence involved, only a homemade crosscut sled, which is lined up as well as I know how.
There are two runners. I used Micro Jig zeroplay guide bar system for the runners.
Thank you Nick and Charles for your suggestions. Charles I favor your suggestion of slight deflection in blade and arbor. I do see a slightly wider groove at the head of the groove on the side that isn't square.
Nick, I have been careful to keep the pressure straight forward. Also, I get the same behavior with all three of my blade types. I wiil look for a lifting on one side. On my recent project I was crosscutting a half inch thick piece of maple which is 4 inches wide. The maximum deviation from square is about 1/32 over the 4 inches.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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